Fitness Center

           Fitness Work Out Is An Unseperable Part Of Your Healthy Life!

SALMAKIS Fitness Cluboffers service for sportsmen in a bright and comfortable areas.
To be fit, gives power and success to all parts of the life, also prevents from illness and helps to keep a strong immune system. 
Our Fitness coaches will prepare a personal training schedule and give advices during the training. 
That will help to reach everybodies targeted results in a healthy and fast way. The Fitness Club is the easy way to stay in form!


The Gym salon is very well equipped with all tools and machines needed for athletic sports. Exercising in the Gym gives opportunity of professional training for body strengthening and muscles building.It offers a wide range of exercises for a healthy and esthetic body shaping.


The Cardio area, which has been upgraded with treadmills, crosstrainers and bicycles of newest technology in September 2014 provides an opportunity to keep in form. Cardio exercising raisesphysical condition and strengthens the heart, therefore it is highly beneficial for a fit body and life.

Indoor Pool – Get Rid Of Daily Tiredness With Swimming!

A swimming workoutgives a great exercise session without the weight of the body pounding with each move.Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness and highly burns calories.
Our daylight flooded indoor pool is heated and keeps  28 - 30 cent.

Jakuzzi – Helps To Release Inner Tension!

When the high speed of daily life tenses up and stresses, a session in the warm, bubbling water of the  jacuzzy will give a calmingbreak. It transmits a feeling of weightlessness and brings psychical and psychical relaxation.    

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