Legend Of Salmakis

The Legend Of Salmakis

The Legend of Salmakis In the ancient ages, there was a lake called Salmakis which is known as Bardakçi Bay today. A beautiful fairy used to live at this lake and her name was the same as the lake, Salmakis. One day, while she was bathing in the lake of Salmakis, she saw the son of Aphrodite and Hermes, Hermaphrodite whom she fell in love with instantly. However, Hermaphrodite refused her. Salmakis, painfully, pleaded to the gods to unite them together. The gods mercied her and united them in one body. After that day, Salmakis and Hermaphrodite lived in one body that has two genders.

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Salmakis Resort & Spa is an absolute retreat with secluded atmosphere of tranquility and convenience with an idyllic setting in the heart of magnificent Bodrum Bay, where your holiday belongs. A magnificent sandy beach of blue flag overlooking the harbor and castle of Bodrum; Salmakis Resort & Spa is an oasis of gardens offering the welcoming charm of Ottoman design combined with warm Aegean hospitality.
Who honors Salmakis Resort & Spa wishes more than just a hotel; searches for an ambience, history, tradition and refined taste. 

When It Comes To Entertainment, Let Your Mood Decide! 

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